#15 Life on Land – The Three Butterflies

The butterfly forms the species-rich insect with more than 160,000 different specimens. More than 700 different butterfly species live alone in the Elbe-Saxony region in the meadowland countryside. Only since the mid-18th century  this insect carries the name Schmetterling  in Germany (from Schmetten, Schmand, which some species eat). They are also known as moth. The butterflies are the colorful butterflies we know with large wings compared to their rather thin physique. Just like the bees, the butterflies have compound eyes. Concise are the long feelers. Not only bees but also butterflies pollinate the flowers of wild and cultivated plants and thus secure whole ecosystems.

Especially for agriculture they have an important role to play. Butterflies and insects are at particular risk from pesticides used in agriculture and forestry. Unfortunately, the poison kills the beneficial insects in addition to the pest.

Even the smaller habitats for wild plants pose a threat to many species of butterflies. Butterflies have a different life expectancy. While in some species the caterpillar stage can last for several years, others live only a few weeks. Some species, such as the peacock’s eye, can hibernate in sheltered places while, for example, the admiral flies over the winter even to southern Europe. The metamorphosis, the transformation from an egg to a caterpillar and finally into a colorful butterfly was already in ancient times a symbol of resurrection and rebirth. For us, this process is always a fascinating example of life. Who would not like to have a butterfly as a friend?

Help secure important diverse habitats for butterflies for biodiversity

With the natural fairy tale The Three Butterflies, the children of the 4th grade of the elementary school Comenius from Tangermünde, the YOUNG VOICES for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, campaign for more environmental awareness and especially for the protection of insects and butterflies.

The Three Butterflies is part of the environmental fairytale campaign Nawa & Bubo powered by Explority. To learn more about this program click here